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Ethical Decision Making

Available online
In this session, participants explore various perspectives of ethical decision making and its application in today’s work environment.
1 half day

Leadership: Ethical Challenges

In this session, participants explore the ethical challenges and burdens faced by leaders in today’s work environment.
1 half day

Professional Accounting Ethics

Designed for Canadian CPA’s

1 half day


Employee Performance Management

The Essentials
In this workshop, we consider the essential pieces of effectively managing employee performance as well as some of the common challenges managers encounter.
1 half day

Teach Your Team to Fish

Coaching Knowledge Workers Effectively

As professionals, we are trained advisors. People come to us for answers, and they expect us to have them. When it is our team members who come to us for answers, what do we do? If we are like many leaders, chances are, we give them the answer.

As someone once said, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Let’s teach our team to fish! While providing the answer (giving them the fish) may be effective in the short term, our long term organizational success is best supported by growing and developing our team (teaching them to fish); that is, coaching them effectively to build their problem solving skills. This supports our evolution and effectiveness as leaders since we can then, in turn, spend our energy on more valuable activities critical to the organization’s success.
1 full day


Finding Flow

The Art & Science of Motivation

In this session, participants explore various perspectives of motivation and its application in today’s work environment.
1 half day

Strategic Relationship Skills

Creating Connections

Professionals rely on strong relationships for all aspects of their work.  With practical hands-on exercises, this session focuses on key relationship building skills.
1 full day

Team Training Available


“Excellent teacher.  Maureen was very engaging, kept people interested and focused.  Maureen encouraged conversation and participation.  The cases were an excellent tool for this course.”

“I totally thought I’d be bored but it was awesome!  Loved the conversation and Maureen was excellent!”

Ethics Course Participants

Excellent dialogue. Enjoyed the sentiment of the “leadership burdens”, which did not peg things as “right or wrong”, but instead inherently emphasized to be thoughtful and deliberate in decision making.

Leadership: the Ethical Challenges Course Participant

“The Facilitator is very comfortable leading the course and seems very knowledgeable.”

Teach your Team to FISH Course Participant

“Excellent Instructor.  Very Engaging.”
“Great presenter – good content – useful course.”

Strategic Relationship Skills Course Participants


Maureen R Gillis, CPA CA

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